BE IN THE MOMENT // Carmel Valley, California // Highlights

Tim and Lindsey were awesome people that embraced the moment as the clouds rolled in and the temperatures dropped to high 40’s low 50’s. There was a lot of love, emotion, and wind that helped make this film. Their ceremony was nestled in the big beautiful redwoods, while their reception was perched on a mountain top where the sun peaked through with light clouds laying across the hills of Carmel Valley, California.

Phoenix, AZ Wedding Highlights

Alex and Sheila were a fun couple to get to know through their wedding day! I had no idea what I was in store for when I showed up to film this wedding. There was a lot of great content with a ton of Jewish traditions. I really enjoyed filming the excitement and emotion as these two families came together.

Love and Friends

Joe and Makayla loved this little bed and breakfast they found, its about 10 minutes from Sedona, Arizona in Page Springs, Arizona. They loved it so much it’s where they decided to tie the knot.  A lot of love friends and family came together to support these two for their big wedding day.

Windmill Winery // Florence, AZ // Highlight Film

Jay and Shannon were amazing people that had an amazing wedding at the Windmill winery in Florence, AZ. Nothing could top the love that poured through their hearts. It was a little warm but it didn’t effect these two as they tied the knot!

Rare Moments

Cat and Kernit travelled from Phoenix to Cloverdale, California a town just north of Sonoma, California to get married in the heart of wine country. A lot of friends and family flew in from all over to celebrate the marriage of these two. It was a little dry as California had been in a drought for four years but nothing could stop these two from sharing their love in wine country.

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